Eyeshadow Tips and Tricks ,

The makeup world is a confusing industry, especially for a newbie. Take the eye makeup for example. Applying eyeshadow and other products may seem effortless. In reality, you have to learn various techniques to give your eyes a glamorous look. But, don’t worry. This list of eyeshadow tips and tricks will bolster your makeup skills and creativity to a whole new level.

1. Understanding the Shape of Your Eyes

One of the best advice in this list of eyeshadow tips and tricks is to learn and understand the shape of your eyes.

Today, Eyeshadow Tips and Tricks various makeup tutorials are available. You can easily follow each tutorial by learning the lingo or makeup jargons. However, before trying any tutorial, you must first know your eye shape. As you know, each makeup technique has varying effects depending on features. Hence, by knowing your eye’s shape you can easily make adjustments to create an alluring look.

2. A Primer is Essential

Once you’ve understood the basics, let’s move on to the essential materials or products that you’ll need to beautify your life.

When applying makeup, beauty experts recommend using a primer before putting on some eyeshadow or foundation. Basically, this product will make your makeup last longer and look better. For your eyes, a primer can solve an array of problems such as oily lids, creased lids, and smeared or faded eyeshadow.

If a primer is unavailable, you can also use a concealer with a thick consistency. This product can also help prepare your lids for the eyeshadow.

3. Invest in some Good Quality Brushes

Aside from a primer, another material that can greatly affect your makeup is a brush. Typically, most eyeshadow kits will have a small sponge applicator. However, you’ll need a brush if you’re going to attempt to take your eye makeup to a higher level through blending. Aside from that, brushes can also make your makeup application more controlled.

4. Create a More Vibrant Color with White Eyeshadow

Another valuable product in this list of eyeshadow tips and tricks that will change your beauty life is white eyeshadow. One reason is that this product has numerous uses.

Basically, a white eyeshadow can enhance the color of other palettes. Hence, applying this product first can give your eyeshadow a vibrant hue. But, that’s not all.

5. Make Your Eyes Look Bigger and Awake

Another benefit of applying white eyeshadow is that it can make your eyes look bigger and more awake. This beauty hack can make your tired eyes look fabulous when you’re sleep deprived. To do this technique, just apply the white eyeshadow on your waterline (lower). You can also use light or nude eyeshadow if white is too obvious.

6. Lift Your Eyebrows Using a White Eyeshadow

When applied correctly, a highlighter can give your face a youthful and radiant look. Furthermore, this makeup product can also do wonders like giving your eyebrows an instant lift. But, you don’t have to buy a highlighter. If you already have a white eyeshadow, you can use it instead. All you need to do is apply the white-colored product underneath your eyebrows (brow bone) and blend the makeup well.

7. The Multi-Purpose Brown Eyeshadow

Aside from white, another valuable hue in this list of eyeshadow tips and trick is the color brown.

Some of you make think that a brown eyeshadow is dull and unusable, especially if you have a dark skin tone. However, this product has several uses such as for concealing skin imperfections, contouring your cheekbones, and defining your eyebrows. In addition, you can also use a brown shadow as an eyeliner.

8. A Cut Crease can Give Your Eyes a Defined Look

Cut creasing is an eyeshadow technique that can give your eyelids a defined and dramatic appearance. Basically, in this procedure, you will use a lighter shade of eyeshadow for your lids and darker tint for the top of your lid crease.

To find your crease, you have to tilt your head upward while looking at a mirror downward. This procedure will also help control the amount of eyeshadow you’re applying.

9. Solutions for an Eyeshadow Fallout

A makeup fallout can mess-up your look. But, don’t let this inevitable process ruin your entire appearance. There are ways to solve a makeup fallout.

The simplest solution to a makeup fallout is to complete your eye makeup first. Through this, you can clean any fallen particles without ruining your concealer and foundation. Another solution is to use a shadow shield.

10. Fix Mistakes in a Jiffy

In this list of eyeshadow tips and tricks, another useful product is a makeup remover pen.

Let’s face it, applying makeup is not an easy task. Sometimes, you will make some mistakes that may ruin your look. But, you don’t have to restart the process all over again. A makeup remover pen can simply wipe off any smears, imperfections, or particles.

11. Fix Your Broken Eyeshadow Palette

Most of us have dropped a makeup product several times. Most of the time, we end up having broken eyeshadow palette. But, you don’t have to buy a new product. You can fix your broken palette by adding some rubbing alcohol. Afterward, you have to blend and smoothen the mixture by using a spoon. From there, just let the makeup dry.

12. Keep Your Mekeup Simple

One of the best eyeshadow tips and tricks for beginners is to keep your eye makeup simple. This is especially true if you haven’t mastered the art of color blending. Remember, some colors may complement each other while some will look horrendous. Thus, you will need to play with a variety of palettes to know which colors will look great on you. Furthermore, if you’re in a hurry, applying one shade is definitely ok.

With that, always remember the saying: simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.